Support Indonesian youth to achieve their utmost potential through global exchange re & upskilling giving back action

Meraki Asa offers practical tools and support for Indonesian youth aspiring to study abroad, facilitating their journey with efficiency and effectiveness.


The #1 Indonesia's Community-based Platform for Students to Study Abroad

Meraki Asa is a community-based platform that provides products, services, and platforms to support Indonesian youth to achieve their dreams of studying abroad and gain their international exposure.

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Together, we want to drive students to be able to compete on an international scale, become future leaders, and have a global impact​.

Empowering students to become global leaders, driving international competitiveness, and fostering a lasting global impact.

Let's unite to make student's dreams a reality!

We excel at connecting with high school, college students, and youth across Indonesia, offering expertise in sharing information effectively. We are also experienced in organizing both online and offline events. Join us to maximize your impact on the youth community!