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The #1 Indonesia's Community-based Platform for Students to Study Abroad

Meraki Asa is an Educational Project and Travel Service company to support Indonesia youth to achieve their utmost potential though global exchange, re & upskilling, and giving back action.

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Our Annual Events

Together, we want to drive students to be able to compete on an international scale, become future leaders, and have a global impact
International Youth Exchange - Japan 2022

Short exchange program abroad to revamp student’s perspective on culture, history, and education system while improving their interpersonal skills and self-growth.

Global Meraki Asa Scholarship (GMS)

Scholarship that aimed on accelerating youths to succeed in achieving their dreams to get direct international exposure and connect them with respectable mentor to guide their journey.

International Week - Let's Collaborate!

One meaningful week with various international events being held to wrap up the year.

Our Products

What We Provide?

Application Enhancement

Get your essay proofread by our expert mentors and held 1-on-1 mockup interview with them!

Webinar & Workshop

Sharing session about people's experiences in getting international exposure.

International Opportunities Information Bank

We collect updated information on international opportunities for you.

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