Open Recruitment for Campaign Volunteer

Calling for Courageous Youth Campaign Volunteer!

Hello Dreamers,

Are you an inspirational youth who is looking for a place to connect, grow creativity, and want to inspire others? Then this is a perfect program for you!

Learn, Share, and Connect with Courageous Youth

This a program for youth to connect, grow creativity, spread international exposure awareness, and inspire each other. The benefits that can be obtained are:

  • Gain in-depth training on how to seek for global opportunities
  • Run a campaign on your social media to spread awareness regarding global opportunities
  •  Connect with other like-minded youths to inspire and get inspired
  • All the youths who finished the program will immediately passed to the 2nd selection of IYE Japan 2023
  • National E-Certificate

Application: 19-22 March 2023
Kick-Off: 24 March 2023
Volunteer Period: March-April 2023

Let’s be our agent!

Meraki Asa,
Brings Student’s Dreams to go Global

What are you waiting for? Register below!

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